Homemade Bread Day

A little bird named Charlie over at Doodlewash.com told us that it’s National Homemade Bread Day. For the lack of anything to post, I though I’d share a photo of the no-knead artisan bread that I make every week. The loaf in the back is the ugly duckling, but we love it all the same.



44 thoughts on “Homemade Bread Day

  1. Everyone needs a couple fresh baked loaves to save the day. I like the idea of Wonder Woman flying with them under her arms. But I just watched a Youtube video that said not all incarnations of Wonder Woman have the ability to fly. Sometimes she has an invisible jet. Hmm.

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  2. I guess your memory decided to put that in a deep, dark, almost inaccessible corner ;-). What is important, is that your Wonder Woman alter-ego can fly… Hmm… she can fly and has an invisible jet… depending on how much stuff you want to carry I guess… and whether you want to be invisible… but I’m just imagining and blathering…

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  3. I’ve read conflicting things about going GF. I know people with Celiac of course can’t have it, but some places say people feel better without it (even if they don’t have celiac’s disease), whereas other places say that that’s false and our digestive systems are fine with gluten.

    We’re just going to keep enjoying bread unless we’re diagnosed with Celiac’s. πŸ™‚

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