No time!

Ever since coming back from the Better Books Marin workshop, I have been behind on everything. Blah! So I have this 1 minute doodle of a Rock Hyrax today which I sketched while watching a David Attenborough (my idol!) wildlife special with my younger son at lunch today.

The hyrax’s closest relative is the elephant. Notice its cute little elephantine toenails. 🙂

Back to catching up….or at least not falling further behind…

35 thoughts on “No time!

  1. That is so cute.When we post every day we can’t expect to do big projects all the time. I must check out some David Attenborough at lunchtimes.

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  2. You’re so right, Catherine! I have to remind myself of that. But quick doodles are fun, aren’t they?

    David Attenborough is one of the best naturalists/nature journalist out there! I’ve been in love with him since about 1980. 🙂 His brother was Richard Attenborough, the director who did Jurassic Park among other films (he also played the grandfather in Jurassic Park).

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  3. Adorable ink sketch! And only 1 minute?! Awesome. Kudos for trying to ‘catch up’…I have been trying to myself and it feels endless…next plan is to just clear the decks and start fresh…at least in my mind the theory works lol ;D Thank you for sharing and showing how even 1 minute is plenty of time to be artfully creative.

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  4. not in a million years would I have guessed that the hyrax is related to the elephant!! I really enjoy watching Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries, too! I think he really has no other contemporary in his field.

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  5. I agree! I have admired him for a bit over 30 years and I have yet to learn something about him that makes me like him less (which has happened to some other people I had admired, like Richard Feynman or Ezra Jack Keats). 🙂

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  6. Feynman I have heard of, but the only Keats I know of wrote poetry centuries ago. 😀

    Attenborough has the ability to convey the importance of wildlife in a way that educates and entertains! I love his narrative style!

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