#Inktober Day 31 + #SelfieArt Day additions

Yay! Last day of #Inktober and last day of Jeopardy contestants for a while. I have to concentrate on finishing a story for The Minnows Literary Group for the next time travel e-anthology. Time travel tales sell like hot cakes. Who knew?

FullSizeRender(29)This woman looks like an older version of the one yesterday.

Also, I’d missed a couple of people in the #SelfieArt Day lineup – Myriam and Sharon. My apologies! I’ve added them to the original post, but here they are also for you to check out:

Myriam – Myr’s Bytes

Sharon – Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

17 thoughts on “#Inktober Day 31 + #SelfieArt Day additions

  1. I love her hair :-). All her lines seem to have a nice flow, like Chinese characters inked by someone who knows which way the strokes go.

    Thanks for putting a link to my first ink self-portrait!!!

    Sending good story-writing vibes your way.


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