#SelfieArt Day compilation

Before we move on to the main topic, I want to mention that I finally did what a bunch of people asked. I sketched Alex Trebek to go with all my Jeopardy contestants drawings. It took about 20 minutes (because I was watching The Flash while sketching). I’ll add this to my website page dedicated to Jeopardy contestants.

FullSizeRender(28)We had a smaller, but very dedicated, group of #SelfieArt folks who participated this month! Since I was out of town on the day of, I may have missed someone’s entry. If so, please let me know and I will add you right away. Check out the clever and varied pieces of art this lovely bunch created, and maybe be inspired to join us next month!

Catherine – Catherine M. Johnson

Charlie – Doodlewash

Karen – One Stumble At A Time

Kerfe – Method Two Madness

Kirk – Dumb Sketch Daily

Myriam – Myr’s Bytes

Sharon – Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Susan – Susan Feniak’s Art

32 thoughts on “#SelfieArt Day compilation

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  2. I apologize for not catching up enough (my Reader only went so far back, I’d missed so many days) to see yours and Sharon’s (or maybe I did see and forgot…darn brain). I’ve put the links in today’s post and added them to the original compilation post, too!

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  3. No worries :-). I think the Reader only goes back a few days and then a post starts to bounce and there is no further scrolling. It is pretty hard to catch up with all the blogs I follow if I step away for a few days. Sometimes I accept that some of those posts went into a black hole. And sometimes I see them much later. Oo, happy surprise!


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