The 2nd WordPress #SelfieArt Day + #Inktober Day 25

Kirk of Dumb Sketch Daily and I started #SelfieArt Day last month and enough people said they were interested in doing it monthly (versus annually) that we will proceed with it on the 25th of every month…until interest wanes. 🙂

We welcome your participation. No rules except to draw/paint/collage/whatever a selfie, however you interpret that. Here’s mine for the month, done in ink for #Inktober.

IMG_0489If you decide to join in, please put the URL to your post in the comments and I will compile them in a blog post in a few days. Thanks!

29 thoughts on “The 2nd WordPress #SelfieArt Day + #Inktober Day 25

  1. Welcome back!!! So good to see you (heh heh). You look great! Your quick lines are amazing :-). I tried to make a quick sketch yesterday. I planned for an hour. And after I could watch a movie. Next thing I knew, 3 hours had passed and I was still refining lines! Next time, I’m not using pencil! Ballpoint pen. Yes!

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  3. Ah, catching up. A little overwhelming. But sometimes it is kind of fun when I get into a catching up groove. I hope you are all caught up and cruising in your daily routine. Do you get to work on your writing and drawing more in the winter, after the busy fall harvesting is done?

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