Taking a break

I’m headed to a writing workshop this week – Better Books Marin – so I’m going to take a blogging break. I’ll return to posting on the 25th for the second installment of #SelfieArt Day! Please do join us: no rules aside from creating a piece of art of yourself which can be as loosely interpreted as you want. Here’s is the blog post of the first #SelfieArt Day for some inspiration.

I’ll leave you with some Halloween illustration for today’s post…and if you think this is me, well, I’ve been called worse, I’m sure (though not to my face!). 😉

witch2015I hope to continue to post #Inktober drawings to Intagram daily, if anyone is interested.

45 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. I do chuckle at you taking a break and leaving us with a picture of a witch on her broomstick. I’m sure that isn’t you at all; don’t put yourself down, Teresa…! 😉 Hope the workshop is fun. Bon voyage, broomstick or not! 😉

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