#Inktober Day 14

I think I’m getting tired of #drawing #Jeopardy contestants*. :}

*Contestants drawings are done during the weekdays while watching Jeopardy with no pausing of the TV.


28 thoughts on “#Inktober Day 14

  1. I’m with Al and Catherine. I think this drawing is a marvel: the beard in particular. I also agree with going out on the road. Get a hat with a long brim and sit back in the corner. It’s fun!

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  2. One day soon, I keep telling myself, I will be a brave urban sketcher and will take my sketchpad out and about. 😀 That day is not today or tomorrow or… I will get there, Kirk! It used to be that I wouldn’t even post my art online.

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  3. I’ll have to convince some friends to go draw with me; too idea, Kerfe! 🙂 I need to upload the last couple of Jeopardy contests to a webpage and then I’ll post the link on this blog in case anyone wants to check them all out. 🙂

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  4. I think you’ll feel pretty pleased with yourself when you’ve got an Inktober’s worth of Jeopardy contestants sketched. Maybe the Jeopardy producers would be interested in the set?!
    I’m finding it hard to be motivated some days but I have in mind doing a collage of all the sketches I’ve done at the end of Inktober and that’s helping to keep me going. You’re half way there now, go girl! 🙂

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  5. Those spectacles are quite something! I’ve enjoyed this series – I tried sketching as you do yesterday, and it went terribly.

    I’d look forward to seeing them all on one page. You should do the host and then send it (or all!) in! They might show it on the telly!

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