#Inktober Day 13

Jeopardy contestant*, of course.

*Contestants drawings are done during the weekdays while watching Jeopardy with no pausing of the TV.

19 thoughts on “#Inktober Day 13

  1. I always watch TV with the family and they wouldn’t put up with my wanting to pause it. 🙂 I make it even harder on myself by using un-erasable media like ink and charcoal. Once I put down a line or stroke, that is it: I have to go with it!

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  2. Really nice, and it’s amazing how you can draw something so quickly and without having to pause the show. Can you still pay attention to the answers?

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  3. That’s the thing, I think my reaction and response time are slowed because I’m trying too hard to concentrate on gathering the essence of the players, so I’m going to stop and maybe just do random drawings that I don’t have to work so hard on.


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