#Inktober Day 9

Back to Jeopardy contestants. This gal looks a bit younger than the actual person.

Also, I forgot to take a poll to see who wants to do a monthly #SelfieArt challenge versus an annual one. What say you?


16 thoughts on “#Inktober Day 9

  1. Thanks, Sylvia! The only criteria for #SelfieArt Day is that you draw/paint/collage/whatever a self-portrait. Charlie drew himself as a little kid; Laura drew her daughter (loose interpretation of self). πŸ™‚ There are no rules except that it has to be a portrait of a person (preferably yourself). It helps people practice drawing faces and also helps to hone observational skills to create a likeness.

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  2. Oo, a few rule-bending selfies in the works :-)! I like your simple ink portraits. And I liked Kerfe’s simple line portrait a la Matisse. Maybe I could ink my face. I could pretend I’m a really cute bird. A flightless one from New Zealand.

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  3. Yeah, maybe I’ll try to do draw my face in the next few days. I think it would be fun to draw something without a beak and feathers for a change. I bet I would look Drawloweenishly creepy if I gave myself those cute little round bird eyes…

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