#Selfie #Art Day!

It’s the first (that we know of) Selfie Art Day on WordPress! 🙂 Kirk of the fun Dumb Sketch Daily and I agreed it would be fun to have a day to draw self-portraits just as there is a day to draw birds (the 8th of the month, people; join in!).

For my inaugural piece, I used charcoal on a plain, old, cheap sketchpad. I stood in front of a mirror, holding the pad up in my left hand and drawing with my right. It took about a half hour total to draw this…I had to keep setting it down to give my arms a break.

I’m fairly pleased with how this turned out.

FullSizeRender(8)If you’re playing along, please post your URL in the comments. If you use Twitter, you can also tag me there (@teresarobeson) and use the hashtag “#SelfieArt .” Like Laura does for Bird Day art, I’ll compile them in a blog post in about a week. 🙂

If enough people enjoyed this, we can do it again next year!

50 thoughts on “#Selfie #Art Day!

  1. Thanks so much, Kirk! Charcoal can be a bit unforgiving if you want sharp lines (because, and I guess this depends on the paper, it can be impossible to erase), but if you blend a lot, you can turn mistakes into something cool. It’s one of my favorite medium and I’ve used it for years, so I highly recommend it personally. 🙂

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  2. No worries about hyperlinking…the phone is great but not perfect for doing all the online stuff we want to do. LOL!

    Thanks for the link! I have it down to include in my compilation next week. Popping over to read your post now!

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  4. This looks really great. I’m impressed. You’ve set the standard pretty high for me if I’m going to try charcoal for my next medium. Thanks for organizing this selfie day though. It was a lot of fun.

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  5. Teresa, I love your selfie!!! It’s beautiful (and so are you) – you did a wonderful job!! Like Jodi, I love the way you made your eyes sparkle. Wow, and in charcoal??? I’m really impressed!!

    I just finished my abstract and I’ll post it tomorrow. I hope you like it. 🙂

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  7. No, it’s tied up with a clip behind my head. I tried to draw a bit sticking out the top, but really didn’t want to spend much time on this. 🙂 Hmmm…were you thinking of Liz Taylor at age 21? Hahaha!


  8. Beautiful sketch :-). Like Kerfe said, it is quite striking how directly you are looking at yourself. I tried that. It brought up a bit of an existential nightmare. Hmm, I’ll try to make some peace with myself for the next round (is it next month or next year?). It seems I am much more comfortable staring at birds for 2 hours (I’m slow at drawing). You do have Liz Tayloresque cheek bones.

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  9. Oh I know it’s not a competition 🙂 I just hadn’t really thought about being able to draw something so life like with charcoal before. I’m not sure what I was expecting really. Now you’ve shown me what can be achieved though and given me something to strive towards!

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  10. “Existential nightmare”…LOL! Oh, dear! I hope you were just joking. 🙂

    *snort* I look nothing like Liz Taylor; I have just always wished I looked like her (I have to say that I’m aging better than she did, but it probably helps that I was never thrown off a horse and so I’m not popping painkillers). :}

    I do hope you can join us next time! I had talked about making it a monthly thing but then I realized that people don’t seem to enjoy drawing themselves (or portraits in general) like they do birds. So, then, I thought that maybe once a year might be enough. 😀

    So, I’m going to put it to a vote when I compile all the links next week. We’ll see what others say! 🙂

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  11. I absolutely love your selfie portrait with the stars sparkling in your eyes. Wish I had seen this when you first posted it. I recently did a self portrait which I could have posted if I wasn’t buried in boxes, packing.

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  12. :-D! You are definitely aging better than Liz Taylor. Yay!

    I did enjoy the wonderful self-portraits that people drew. That is usually a good incentive for me to participate. But birds are a nice escape from my every day world, unlike my face :-).

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