35 thoughts on “#Knitting habit or nervous tic?

  1. Yes, list them on Etsy! Or wherever you can because they are beautiful. I find, looking at the local crafters group on FB, soapers are a dime a dozen, but knitters, holy crap, everybody wants to buy their stuff.

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  2. Nothing better than hand crafted Teresa they are beautiful. Have you got an Etsy shop already? If so Im in there too and would follow you. I crochet as my hobby when my hands get tired of painting and sketching. There is nothing better, i use to just do scarves but got bored and so now I make little amigurumi animals, so much fun and every body wants one.

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  3. Oooh, Kath, you must give me your shop name; I will follow you, too. I’m there under TeresaRobeson (I think…I’ve not tried to sell anything there in years; I was selling soaps and ceramics for a while). I love amigurumi animals!

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  4. They’re beautiful! How do you find the time to knit? I was a knitter. I am so close to finishing my first sweater but I never seem to have the time to do it. It’s been in the closet since I gave birth to my son. We’re going on almost 9 yrs. now.

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  5. LOL, Robin! I knit when I’m watching tv with the family. I’m a little distracted and can’t do just one thing at a time. Plus, I like working with my hands while I’m just watching something passively. 🙂 You probably never waste time watching tv, which is why you haven’t knitted in a while.

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  6. I have to keep my hands busy while watching TV too. I don’t knit, I doodle. I find it relaxing probably like knitting. A friend of mine likes to knit scarves and gives them away. I think you will find a place for your shawls when an opportunity presents itself and you are open to it. 😊

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  7. Monica, you need to tell people when you’re selling (maybe say so on your site, too), that MP soaps are just CP soaps but with tons more moisturizing glycerin and artistry. 🙂

    Knitting is a little like magic…how can 2 sticks and a string of yarn possibly make a hat? 😀 But so is soap-making. How can lye and fats turn into something that is cleansing and non-fatty? Well, okay, it’s called chemistry, not magic (but chemistry might as well be magic to some people).

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  8. I had thought about gifting the shawls, but I only know one other person who wears them and she’s is an expert knitter/crocheter who makes her own. 🙂 Maybe I’ll have to make more friends who like shawls. LOL! Doodling while watching TV is great, too. I do that when it’s too dark in the evenings for me to see the yarn well. 🙂

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