A #Portrait challenge…what do you think?

I was chatting with Kirk of Dumb Sketch Daily — his sketches are not dumb, by the way 🙂 — and we thought it might be fun to do a once-a-month self-portrait art challenge, much like the 8th of the month bird art challenge.

If there isn’t already one online, I propose we set the 25th of each month (no reason other than that it will give us all some time to prepare for the inaugural September date) to post a self-portrait piece that we’ve drawn or painted. Kirk has promised to participate, and I hope some of you will join in the fun!

Here’s an old one of mine…circa 1999-ish.


55 thoughts on “A #Portrait challenge…what do you think?

  1. Thanks, Myriam! I’m not that good looking…and I made a mistake on my nose in this picture, making it narrower than it really is. 🙂 I hope you’ll attempt a self portrait this coming month and post it on the 25th! I love your bird drawings.

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  2. Beautifully done, Teresa! I’ll join in….I can promise a portrait, not sure it’ll be me, as the last time I tried, I almost shredded the paper afterward lol. Maybe an abstract. Hmm. Or just someone else altogether. Ok, I’ll join in some fashion. But please do a reminder thingy! lol thanks. This one is really nicely done!!

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  3. Wow, that´s a cool idea. But I think I missed the September portrait now… If you send an reminder (kind of like Laura used to before each Draw-A-Bird-Day) I´m in next time! Wonderful portrait, btw!!! 😊

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  4. Jill, you are too kind; thank you! You can do a self-portrait however you like. I was hoping some people might try collage or clay or, like Giuseppe Arcimboldo, out of fruits and veggies! 😀

    There really are no rules to this game other than making a self-portrait. Please do join us!

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  5. This is beautiful!
    I’ve been trying to do a self portrait every month for the last few months but didn’t have a solid date set so far. 25th of the month sounds like as good a date as any though. I’m in too :).

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  6. Oh, yes, please do, Sylvia! You have almost a whole month to work on something and it doesn’t have to be a fancy, full-blown painting (if I get a graphite sketch done, I’ll be happy). 🙂 And, thank you!

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  7. Well, maybe you aren’t *that* good looking, but pretty close. I’m sure your hubby agrees :-). I will think seriously about attempting a self-portrait in September. I think I have a 17 year old one somewhere, of a reflection in a window.

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  8. I hope hubby thinks I’m decent looking…LOL! Even if you don’t get around to drawing a self-portrait this time around, post that old one you did; I’d love to see it! And then you can attempt one for October. 🙂

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  9. Decent looking! Nonsense! But maybe he’s more interested in your lovely personality and stimulating brain :-). I think I can convince myself to do some quick sketches of my face… for kicks. These group drawing extravaganzas are pretty fun. Looking forward to the next two dimensional version of you.

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  10. Susan, you can always do an abstract or collage or, as I mentioned in one of my other comments, make one out of fruits and veggies…LOL! The possibilities are endless because there are no rules to this challenge, just a general theme to follow. 🙂

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