Night Falling On Lyon

Charlie took my challenge and painted this atmospheric evening scene! 🙂


Night Falling on Lyon by Charlie O'Shields

So I accepted another challenge from Teresa Robeson at One Good Thing to try painting the riverfront in Lyon which I really loved and this doodlewash is the result. I mentioned that I have no idea how to handle water and tend to avoid it, so we both decided it must be tried next. What I loved about the Lyon riverfront was when night was falling over the city, so I added the second ridiculous challenge of trying to recreate water at night.

I’m not even quite sure what I’ve done here as I just grabbed a photo I had taken and sort of went for it. I painted what I thought I saw without really trying to do any particular techniques. So this one isn’t necessarily a lesson of how one should paint water, there are many cool techniques I’ve seen that I’ve yet to sit down and learn (highly…

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