Improvised pear tart

I had stuff I needed to use up in the fridge: sourdough starter and pears that didn’t taste good. So, I winged a pear tart and it turned out to be a decent breakfast.

I think there’s a “when life hands you lemons” lesson here…


13 thoughts on “Improvised pear tart

  1. It’s easy, Catherine! Just use any dough recipe (could even be a pizza crust) and placed thinly sliced pears on top and then sprinkle cinnamon sugar + extra brown sugar on top and bake about 25 minutes at 425F (depending on how thick your crust is). 🙂

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  2. I can send you the recipe for the original apple tart recipe, Monica, which calls for cooking the apples a bit, but I think if you slice it thin enough, it’ll be fine…especially if you like a bit of crunch.

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  3. What a great idea to do that with your slightly spoiled pears!! I like making peach cobbler with granola for an easy dessert. But right now we are eating them fresh and loving each bite.

    MIght make a peach pie tonight though. Got tons for my boys who were visiting. But how many can we eat a day? Now have extra left over. (NOT enough for canning or freezing. 🙂 )

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  4. Clar, oh, I envy you having peaches! We only have one peach tree and bugs, birds, and squirrels run off with our fruits faster than we can get to them. A good peach is one of the best tasting things in the world! Enjoy your time with your boys and their families!

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  5. You’ve got it wrong and it is my fault.. They are not peaches from my own trees but ones I got from the farmers market. Once in my other life we had an orchard with apple, pear and peach trees. But long ago they died due to infestations and lack of care. One apple tree has remanined to feed the deer. 😦


  6. Yes, they are from life before my late husbands death. Now I’m living in After. I love my life now but miss stuff a lot from Before. My sons for one. I Miss them a lot. Good thing they come and visit.

    Their life was shook up, too, by his death. I guess I will never know just how much.

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