Strong, silent type

Son1 found a new friend on our evening walk yesterday. This thing is handsome and doesn’t say a word…the best kind of friend to have.

(It look like a Slightly Musical Conehead, Neoconocephalus exiliscanorus, a katydid.)

16 thoughts on “Strong, silent type

  1. This was a huge bugger…maybe around 6cm or so? You ought to see the size of the bugs in Australia (so I’ve been told by my Aussie friends). 😀

    I actually have a freaky giant spider video that I posted on Facebook; I think half my friends hate me now. LOL!

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  2. :-D! I’ve never tried to catch a grasshopper. I have been trying to photograph them but they often hop away and hide in some grass. Maybe I’ll try to catch one. But it will probably squirm. The katydid in your son’s hand is so calm. I wonder what kind of conversation he would have with Doris?

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