The bounty canner

This is the second batch of green beans that we canned and there’s more to come. We’d already frozen a bunch. Hubby staggers the planting so the harvest is prolonged. Good eats!

13 thoughts on “The bounty canner

  1. Just came in with another big batch of beans. We like them cooked in sausage grease and garlic. We are rapidly getting too many to eat fresh, so looks like I’ll be freezing another bunch this afternoon.

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  2. Mmmm…can’t go wrong with sausage grease and garlic! We have a tub of pig fat that we can cook with that would be similar, I think. 🙂 Hubby’s just been grilling them marinated in olive oil and Frank’s Red Hot..that is really tasty, too.

    Have fun freezing!

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  3. Hubby sometimes throws green beans into soups but doesn’t make an exclusive green bean soup. 🙂 My MIL (who was of Irish heritage) had a huge fondness for a dish that was just ham, green beans and potatoes.

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  4. We only planted tomatoes and have six gallons in the freezer. I gave my canner to my sister in law long ago and gave up on gardens because the deer eat everything. Now with the electric fence my son put around his grapes, tomatoes planted inbetween each grape we have tons!!

    I love your bright bounty!! 🙂

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