For the birds

Okay, I am officially overwhelmed, taxed out, and behind on everything. I wish I had desserts to sustain me, but, instead, I have the spelled-backwards version. 😛

So, for the 8th of the month bird day theme – thank you Laura (Create Art Everyday) for telling me about it! – I am just going to share an oldie. This is one I did over ten years ago of American Goldfinches. If I recall correctly, it’s done in watercolor and colored pencils.


29 thoughts on “For the birds

  1. oh wow! that is an awesome painting, Teresa!! it may also be the only way I see American Goldfinches up close!! 🙂 our sunflowers have drooped over like the ones here … it would be sooo nice if the Goldies returned to pillage them!

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  2. Yes! This multi-headed sunflower was in our yard at our old house. I watched them for a while and took a photo to work from. Goldfinches gather in fairly large groups often…more often than I have multi-headed sunflowers, I think. 😀

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  4. This is just outstanding!! So amazingly gorgeous!! I just LOVE this watercolor and color pencil of the three goldfinches on sunflowers.

    I Seldom see goldfinches and you are right when I do see them, they are in a flock. The last time I saw them was in spring on our feeder of sunflower seeds. It was magnificent!!

    If you like birds there is a great memoir out called “H is for Hawk” about a woman who trains a Goshawk to help herself while she is grieving for her father’s death. Tremondous, really. Another form of art. 🙂

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