Drum roll….and the winner is…

I flaked out on a post yesterday but at least I didn’t forget that today is the day I pick a winner from my giveaway. My brain can only hold so my kilobytes of info at a time (while flash drives 1/100th the size of my brain can hold gigabytes of info…*sigh*).

So, here are the entrants, Renee L. requested to be left out:

  1. Lindsay
  2. Sylvia
  3. Al
  4. Maria
  5. Jan
  6. Jill/Harmonee
  7. Carol
  8. Stacy
  9. Grace
  10. Monica
  11. Vivian
  12. J Bea
  13. Salina
  14. Doreen
  15. Patricia
  16. Joanna
  17. Yvette
  18. Sophie
  19. Sherry
  20. Micha
  21. Robyn
  22. Rene
  23. Zainab
  24. Robin
  25. Cathy

And relying on Random.org (it’s pretty sad that I used to be able to whip up little computer programs to choose a random number and now I rely on someone else’s device), it chose:

winner copy#13…Salina. Congrats, Salina! Who says 13 is an unlucky number? 😉

Thanks and happy Friday to everyone who entered and all who follow my blog. I really appreciate your sharing my blogging journey!


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