Here’s a tip

For those of you who may have wondered how I drew Ahhhnold while watching T2 – and, no, I did not cheat and pause the DVD – here’s the advice I learned from an art instructor: draw caricatures.

In drawing caricatures, one has to notice and focus on a feature or two that particularly defines a person. And then you exaggerate those features in your drawing.

When doing portraits, you pretty much do the same thing except you don’t exaggerate the notable features.

So with Arnold, I focused on his bushy brows and thin upper lips and square lower lips.

It was made easier by the fact that I regularly attempt caricatures while watching Jeopardy these days…like this:

If you’re thinking, “well, that was a skimpy art tip,” I will have you know I never attended art school and don’t have a fine art degree so it was the best I could do. 😉


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