Life drawing is for wusses

You go to a life drawing class or session and the model sits STILL for a couple of hours for you to draw…piece o’ sponge cake!

Here’s how to kick it up several notches: watch an action adventure film – oh, say, Terminator 2 – and try to draw a character who doesn’t sit still (no pausing the movie because you’re watching it with your family).

And draw in a medium you can’t erase well (or at all, in my case, as you can see), like charcoal.

That’s how you get your adrenaline flowing in more ways than one!

But, seriously, I recommend life drawing classes instead.

19 thoughts on “Life drawing is for wusses

  1. Mmm, sponge cake. Oh wait, that wasn’t’ the comment I was planning on making. Fantastic drawing, even without you telling us who it is, you can definitely tell. And I’m sure live action figures are much more interesting models.

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  2. nice exercise for all artists YES! but try another….kids at a play ground! (with permission from parents so you don’t get arrested!) or school etc. fast gesture sketches. REALLY get to know kids. Another is to look at a subject, probably still, and draw it without looking at paper…AT ALL! or lifting the pencil….AT ALL! learn a lot that way. And yet another great one, draw ONLY the negative spaces…NOT the objects. Again, helps you SEE and get the essence of something. 😉

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  3. I’ve tried all those things except the first in an art class I took in grade 11. 🙂 I still have my sketch book with all those exercises! Then, when my kids were little, I tried to draw them while they were running around…worked better while they were napping, I discovered. LOL!


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