Easing back in with an #illustration

The break was nice…so nice I almost didn’t want to come back. :}

My upcoming schedule for this blog is to ease in today, have three days of quotes per the tag by Karen over at My Train Of Thoughts, and then a giveaway post.

I’m not doing the 12-word stories now but Doris and Larry remain on my mind. So here’s a sketch inspired by an astronomy DVD we’re currently watching.

Larry learns about nuclear fusion which Doris demonstrates using acorns.


22 thoughts on “Easing back in with an #illustration

  1. Welcome back!!! Larry is adorably attentive. Now I know what the squirrel in my backyard was doing yesterday standing on its hind legs with two acorns. It didn’t have any good students though. The other two squirrels were chasing each other and the magpies were screeching.

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