A Dozen A Day – June 24

What do you know? I’m up to 100 followers! Kath Unsworth of Miniscule Moments became the 100th follower…and as I type this, W.H. Sim Photography became the 101st! I’ll be taking a blogging/social media break for most of July, but as soon as I return, I will have that giveaway I promised. 🙂

FullSizeRender(2)Sometimes, a shrimp’s gotta take charge in a fish-eat-crustaceans world.

* 12-word stories to go with my drawings

17 thoughts on “A Dozen A Day – June 24

  1. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m keeping the blog fed……I think I need to abandon the alphabet so I can just really focus on what I want to do, purely. I’m always rushed to do something every day, but I wonder about maybe taking on something a little bit larger and just working through it, bit by bit. Who knows. Something in me wants to take this to the next level. I feel you, Teresa!

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  2. I like your idea of taking longer on something! Even if you wanted to post daily, you can just post the progress photo and it doesn’t have to be a finished piece. I think many of us would like to see the daily progress on a piece that takes you a week or more to complete. 🙂

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