A Dozen A Day* – June 10

This is a late post for the “8th of the month bird drawing” challenge.

Everything that’d ever puzzled Pip became clear from his new vantage point.

* 12 word stories to go with one of my illustrations


12 thoughts on “A Dozen A Day* – June 10

  1. Thank you! I actually cheated a bit and took a drawing a did last year instead of drawing one this time. We saw some other bulbuls on our trip to China, but not this particular species. They’re neat birds!

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  2. As long as you cheat with style and no one gets hurt :-). I remember you posted a different bird in a similar style a while back, a Zitting cisticola, which was part of an A-Z collection. Is that collection on the interwebs somewhere?

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  3. Thanks for the link Teresa. So many wonderful bird drawings. Sad that some of the birds are endangered and some are possibly extinct. Your drawings got me thinking that it might be fun to draw a vulture. They have such cool heads.

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  4. I started out that challenge by drawing random things but my birder son thought it would be great to bring awareness to people for the endangered birds out there, many of which most people haven’t heard of.

    Yes, do draw a vulture! I’d love to see it.

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