King of the Hill O’ Soaps

IMG_2959“Mom says this is her 600th post – whatever that means; I can only count up to two – and she was going to have a giveaway of some handmade soaps and this beeeyoootiful washcloth. I think she should really give it to me instead.

But, then she thought, why celebrate the amount of her babbling when she could celebrate the number of people who visit the blog instead?

Right now, she has 84 followers (so she says; 84 could be her age). She says she will have a giveaway when this blog gets 100 followers.

Soooo, stay tuned! Maybe she’ll let me pick a winner…I take bribes.

OW! Mom hit me!”


24 thoughts on “King of the Hill O’ Soaps

  1. LOL! Robin, that’s what my sister does! I check out some soap blogs occasionally, but I think I’ll just be depressed if I look at too many and can’t make them myself. :}


  2. 600! That’s great, Teresa! I can’t seem to get my blog going. Not quit sure which direction to take it. Meditation, children’s books, meditation and children’s books… LOL… Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have it figured out. And your soaps do look good enough to eat LOL!

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  3. Blogging can be hard…even when you settle on a theme, it’s still difficult to think of something to write for that theme sometimes. My Blogger blog is about homeschooling, homesteading, etc, but I think I may have run its course after 7 years. This one is easier to do in a way because I was posting dinner pics one year, and then I went to random picture posting but always with the idea that I wasn’t going to write much, if anything, just posting pictures. After Percival, I’ll have to think of something else. πŸ™‚ Good luck with figuring out what to do with your blog..and don’t eat soaps! πŸ˜‰

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  4. Percival, 600 is a very, very, VERY big number. You have to use all your fingers and your toes. PLUS hairs on your head to get there. *Whew, that was hard!* Tell your mom she is doing a great job and don’t nibble on the washcloth.

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