Don’t make it so, Number One

IMG_2934“Mom, when will you be finished with this nest?”

It’s not a nest; I’m knitting a shawl.

“Well, I’m going to call it ‘My Warm Fluffy Bed’!”

And I’m going to call myself the Next New York Times Best Seller Author but you know what?


The chances of either becoming true are pretty much zero.


14 thoughts on “Don’t make it so, Number One

  1. My mother would approve of those colours (her faves!) I’d say you’ve got more chance of hitting the no.1 bestseller list than most, Teresa. Never say never! 🙂


  2. I totally see why Percival wants that as his bed, it looks very soft and comfy. However, I think you will be a NY Times bestseller, Percival, on the other hand, will never get his bed.


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