Robots in disguise

IMG_2926“Look Mom! I found new friends. They said they’d play with me, but they won’t stop arguing with each other.”

If you want my advice, I’d play with the red dude. His name is Optimus Prime. He’s a good guy.

“But the blue guy has a really cool voice.”

Yeah, Soundwave does have a cool voice, but you can’t trust him.

“Really? Heeeey, where did he go? And what is this funny machine thing doing here?”

IMG_2927[my apologies for the Transformer jokes you might not understand]


9 thoughts on “Robots in disguise

  1. I’m not a transformer kind of gal, but I wonder if you could do a pb about a stuffed squirrel who has the perfect life until two robots show up on the scene and he just doesn’t get them. They don’t like acorns? They don’t climb trees? Not afraid of dogs? Just a thought . . . .


  2. I totally get the Transformers jokes of course! Percival makes me think they need to have a course on how to make friends in stuffed squirrel school.


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