You’re pulling my LEG-O, right?

IMG_2734“What have we here?”

“I’m Percival!”

“What’s a Percival?”

“Elementary, my dear Geisha; a Percival is obviously an acorn-wielding burlap sack.”

“I’m a squirrel! Who are you?”

“I’m Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective.

“And you couldn’t figure out that I’m a squirrel?”

“You must be a mutant squirrel.”

“Pretty lady with the fan, who are you?”

“I’m Geisha.”

“And I’m Judge Grump.”

“Grump? *giggle*”

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. Hey, you guys want to play?”



“What are we playing?”

“How about hide-and-seek?”

…to be continued…


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