The quest for a friend continues



“You’re a pretty bird.”

“I’m a White-eyed Vireo.”

“No, you’re not. Mom says you’re a Yellow-throated Vireo.”

“I have a sticker that says I’m a White-eyed.”

“Mom says you shouldn’t believe everything you read…especially on stickers. Wanna be my friend?”


“Why not?”

“Because you’re a squirrel and I’m a bird.”


“Squirrels steal eggs from birds.”

“I promise I won’t steal your eggs. Look! I have an acorn; I don’t need eggs. What do you say?”

“No. I don’t lay eggs anyway.”

“So why can’t we be friends?”

“Because my legs are stuck to this piece of wood.”

“You’re strange, but I like you.”

“Go. Away.”

“Wooden birds sure are grumpy.”


2 thoughts on “The quest for a friend continues

  1. Aww, I love how Percival is so curious and sweet. He needs better friends than grumpy glued on birds who don’t know who they are. Maybe the vireo can be friends with a good therapist instead.


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