The Adventures of Perpetually Perplexed Percival

Since Percival’s arrival at my house, he’s been trying to wrap his little fabric squirrel mind around this new environment. Life is tough when you’re blue, plaid, and starry-tailed…especially when you have stuffing for brains.

IMG_2731“You are the shortest people – and horse – I’ve ever seen! What? You’re ancient Chinese soldiers? I thought this was Indiana… Sheralyn, I think you sent me to the wrong place.

Wait; so the ancient Chinese were really tiny?”

11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Perpetually Perplexed Percival

  1. That’s such a cute squirrel! Perfect gift for you, Teresa! I think those Chinese soldiers will make him think twice before he gets into mischief!


  2. So hilarious! Poor Percival, I know how he feels. But really a lot of chinese people aren’t really that much taller than those statues. 😀


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