A-Z Challenge Y and Z #illustrations

Last day! Y and Z…

YforYellowjacketPardon his less than anatomically accurate body.

Ditto for the Zebra…


17 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Y and Z #illustrations

  1. You didn’t officially “join”? I never would have guessed! I really enjoyed seeing you progress through the alphabet so creatively each day! Bravo


  2. Thanks so much, Cathy! I never officially joined because one of its rules was to visit 5 other blogs a day, which is great for drumming up visitors for everyone, but I already visit a large number of blogs each day, and it would have been a hardship I didn’t need for this month which was extra busy. 🙂


  3. Hahaha, the yellowjacket made me yawn as well. Or maybe I was just tired from pondering the velociratpor and his travels.

    Love the zen zebra, we need him to show people how it’s done.


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