What’s next after the A-Z Challenge?

We’re nearly at the end of the A-Z Challenge, and I decided to post “The Adventures of Percival, the Squirrel” for the month of May. My sweet (and artistically brilliant) friend, Sheralyn Barnes, gifted Percival to me. I want to show her how much fun he has around here. 🙂


17 thoughts on “What’s next after the A-Z Challenge?

  1. Had to laugh at your #BadInternetConnection tweet. Downloading patterns is a beast. I just found one for a cute shawl that I’ll be doing as a sample of some new yarn I’m dyeing. Good pattern = good charts = big file = I’ll just take a nap while it downloads.


  2. Robin, our city friends can only shake their heads at us because they can’t understand our painful internet issues. 😉 I would go ahead and download things even if they take a while BUT hubby also needs the bandwidth when he’s working from home evenings and weekends. Once we get up to a certain number of data usage, they slow us almost down to dial-up speeds. I detest satellite internet.


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