Hubby was a bit late starting up seedlings, but here they are, a week or so old. Aren’t they the cutest?

IMG_2535He’s even thinned some already.

By the way, this is the 540th post! 60 more to the 600th…and that’s when I’ll have a giveaway!

11 thoughts on “Greenery

  1. If you think your hubby was late starting, you’ll be appalled when I confess that I only got my flower vines started (despite good intentions). It’s clear to me by now that I will have to buy all my vegetable plants at the garden center this year. *hangs head, stares at the ground, shuffles feet*


  2. I put mine in the hoop house a week or so ago. They’re taking their sweet time coming up, but given the cool temps and the gray, I don’t blame them. I need to plant peas this weekend.


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