More #soaps

I made this batch with Yellow Lab Color and then added sparkly star shapes with a apricot colored mica mixed with sweet almond oil. It’s scented with Bramble Berry’s awesome Champagne fragrance oil…that scent always shouts “Celebration!!” so maybe I will have have something to celebrate soon. That’s the optimistic side of me speaking…the side that gets shoved back in the corner once I’m wider awake.

I already have an idea in mind for the next batch: chocolate mocha. Mmmmm!

18 thoughts on “More #soaps

  1. Ha ha. When I saw this post on Facebook, I thought it was a flan or dessert that you made. I couldn’t quite understand your comments that went with it – I thought, mmm, she uses a lot of color additives to her food, but I hit “Like.” Well, now I figured out it was a soap!


  2. Thanks so much, Pat! I like to make things I can eat or use. 🙂 I mainly make them for my family and share with friends, too. I also give them as Christmas gifts. I used to give homemade cookies but most people are on a diet now. 🙂


  3. OH send me some, too! Pretty Please! They look good enough to eat. I can see why Sylvia thought it was food. lol. without the comments I would too. Yum! 🙂


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