Smells great!

This is “two good things” instead of “One Good Thing”! I have a Southern Peach scented soap and a Linden Blossom scented soap curing on the rack.

Think I’ll make another batch today. Just need to decide on a scent and possibly color.

10 thoughts on “Smells great!

  1. Thanks, Robin! Making a batch doesn’t take long. From measuring out the oils and lye-water (and then letting them get to the right temperature to work with) to pouring into a mold takes maybe an hour? I’ve never timed it, actually. But then you have to let it cure for about 6 weeks before you can use it.

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  2. Clar, making soaps the traditional way can be dangerous, so if people haven’t made it before, I recommend looking for YouTube videos (or buy DVD lessons) and read a ton of books about it before beginning. 🙂 I’m a newbie myself, so I don’t have my own recipes. I am using a basic recipe from a book I like called SOAP CRAFTING by Anne Marie Faiola and adding different colorants and scents to make them interesting. I also recommend following the Soap Queen blog ( for lots of great info.


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