Brain food?

Chocolates are definitely One Good Thing. This brand/flavor is particularly addictive.


4 thoughts on “Brain food?

  1. Carmel dark chocolate sounds divine! Can you taste the sea salt? A couple days ago I bought a pkg. of 100% cacao powder and a pkg. of 100% cacao nibs. Super healthy. The nibs don’t melt in my coffee, though, so I can put them in my vanilla shake mix, add maybe 1/4 cup of coffee and it tastes like a mocha shake! And the 100% cacao has no sugar, so it has a bitter taste, but mix it with raw honey (on toast) or the shake and it’s relish and, yes, great brain food!


  2. Lynn, that’s a brilliant way to make a shake! And, yes, I can taste the salt. 🙂

    Monica, heh heh…yeah, I’m eating it just to help the farmers. 😉

    Catherine, we almost always eat dark chocolate. It’s the kind that is supposed to be good for you!


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