Ahoy, mate-y

Remember that one sock I knitted on January 1st? It’s finally got a mate!

The squirrel illustrations will have to be on hold while I finish up some things for, and attend, the SCBWI conference.


3 thoughts on “Ahoy, mate-y

  1. And I assume they have a pair of feet to be put on? Waiting with bated breath for more squirrels! Enjoy your conference!

    (WordPress is hating my wanting to use my FB login for some reason)


  2. Yay for finishing the other sock! They look great. What a handsome pair! I hope the sock monster doesn’t get a hankering for brand new homemade socks! I know you don’t want to have to knit another one if one goes missing!

    Have a great time at the conference!


  3. Monica and Lynn, thanks! These are baby socks and still have to find a recipient. 🙂

    Monica, I didn’t even know you can use FB to get into WP.

    Lynn, thanks! I hope it will be fun and not too over-whelming.


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