A simple loaf of bread

…is always a good thing. Artisan bread is best but even this bread machine bread is better than store-bought. And store-bought is better than none.


9 thoughts on “A simple loaf of bread

  1. p.s. I’ve just been to Renee’s where they are talking about Valerie Worth. I ought to try and write a poem about a simple loaf of bread 😉


  2. Catherine, I hope you’ll write a poem about bread! I think that’d be fun. 🙂

    Patricia and Robyn, I have yet to try making sprouted bread, though my son’s sourdough experiment was a success. Will have to look into a recipe for sprouted. Got one to recommend, Robyn?


  3. Sylvia, I have the book “No Knead Artisan Bread” and use that recipe all the time! It makes the best no-fuss bread. I was going to make that yesterday, but I needed the oven to make cookies at the same time (and therefore couldn’t fire it up to 500F). Plus, hubby wanted a sandwich bread, which this bread machine recipe is actually really excellent for.


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