Sketchbook Project

Because of my current squirrel obsession, I’m doing a “One Day In The Life Of A Squirrel” theme for the Sketchbook Project. This is the storyboard (still missing one last panel…any suggestions for what a squirrel might do before retiring for the night?).


9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project

  1. Brilliant! What about lying back in a hammock with a piece of wheat in his mouth or is that too relaxing for a squirrel? 😉


  2. Boy, I didn’t realize what busy days squirrels had! And here I thought it was a whole lotta nuthin’. 😉 Do they tuck in their little ones before bed? Brush their teeth with a piece of bark? Write their to-do list for the next day? Scout out the neighbourhood to see what dogs they can distract?


  3. I’m not in a creative mindset right now, but all the suggestions you’ve gotten on FB and here are great. I also wanted to say your composition on these is GREAT. It’s dynamic, with a mix of close ups and further back shots.


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