Thanks to Sylvia Liu for kicking my butt yesterday, I will attempt to sketch at least once a day, even with no project or challenge.

This is a quick thumbnail for a possible full blown illustration.

Check out Sylvia’s Create One A Day blog at


6 thoughts on “Castaway

  1. Love the sketch, my friend. I think it deserves to be a full blown illustration. YaY for Sylvia kicking your butt. xoxo


  2. Thanks, Robyn, Monica, and Sylvia!

    Robyn, it’s great to have friends who are willing to kick one’s butt. đŸ˜€ Monica, I think I’m working through some abandonment issues. Heh. Sylvia, a shout-out is the least I could do for all you’ve done for me!


  3. Catherine, thanks! It is actually whatever you make of it. My 365 blog was about dinner every day before this, and now it’s “one good thing a day” whereas Sylvia want to try and draw every day (and I love her idea so am going to try and do that too whenever I can). đŸ™‚


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