Susanna Hill’s 4th Annual Holiday Contest

Well, I wasn’t going to do it because I really don’t have the time to read all the other wonderful entries (and I always want to because it’s fun to and it’s also the courteous thing to do). But, here it is anyway. I will be back to posting the 2nd day of the black-and-white photo challenge. For the rules of this contest and other entries, visit Susanna Hill’s blog post. holly

Sandstorm Santa (343 words)

Marco sped home from school on his hoverbike. Every so often, he stopped and peered out the glass walls of the passageways at the pale orange sky of Mars.

The apartment door hissed open. “Mom, Dad,” he called. “I’m home! What does the weather report say?”

Mom looked at the holoscreen. “Looks like a sandstorm is coming.” She turned to Marco. “Don’t get your hopes up about SANTA. It might be too rough to land here.”

“SANTA has been through worse weather than this, Mom,” said Marco.

Dad agreed. “SANTA will make it,” he said. But they knew that sandstorms on Mars can be so bad, sometimes everything was shut down.

Marco kept looking out the windows as he ate dinner. The sky was now a burnt orange color. Small swirls formed and danced, then joined to become bigger whorls. Marco pressed his ear to the window and thought he could hear the howl of the winds.

“Is SANTA on schedule?” Marco asked when he was getting ready for bed.

Mom checked the computer. “Yes, honey,” she said. “But you need to go to bed.”

After Dad and Mom tucked him in and darkened the tint on his window, Marco continued to stare outside. He wasn’t so sure anymore that SANTA would make it. The red dust churned around the buildings wildly. It was like they were inside of a snow-globe filled with sand.

Suddenly, he heard a roar so faint he might have imagined it. He rushed to the window, breathing little round patches of fog on it.

There, braving the storm, was SANTA! SANTA descended and docked at the loading bay. People scurried to and from the tunnel leading to the dock, looking like tiny elves. Marco knew the present he’d been waiting for from his grandparents on Earth had been delivered.

As SANTA rose into the sky, the words on its side came into view: Special Aeronautic New Transportation Association – S.A.N.T.A. Marco waved as it cruised close by. The pilot, in his red uniform and white beard, waved back!


56 thoughts on “Susanna Hill’s 4th Annual Holiday Contest

  1. Great take on the theme.

    One quick fix ~ you said “S.A.N.T.A. Marco waved as it cruised close by. The pilot, in his red uniform and white beard, waved back!” twice.


  2. Ah, so that’s why we couldn’t access it, you were fixing it.

    I was thinking SANTA would stand for Space Alien Noshing on Treats and Avocadoes. 😉
    (I shouldn’t be commenting without more caffeine first)


  3. Teresa, love your story. It is worthy of placing in this year’s Holiday contest. The ending made me smile. I love that fog patches on the window. You rock! xoxo


  4. Thank you, everyone! And also thanks to nrhatch, Tracey, and Pat for letting me know about the problems!

    I wish I had Disqus on this blog so I could reply to all of you individually (my regular blog has it). I really appreciate all your kind (and funny…LOL) words and support!


  5. Thank you, kdveiten and Sylvia!

    Sylvia, I started this after taking Jane Friedman’s webinar (a couple of years ago) on how to make a WP blog just to try out her instructions. I’m still not good with WP and prefer Blogger. :}


  6. Hey, Teresa, Great sci-fi, future twist going on here. Very original and dare I say, “outta this world.” Was waiting to find out the SANTA acronym- keep my attention, totally.


  7. Oh, I love this, Teresa! What a great setting. I love the picture you paint of this home on Mars. What a clever ending, too. 🙂 Excellent! I really enjoyed it.


  8. Okay girlfriend, leave it to you to go aerospace on us. But I absolutely loved it. Especially the ending. You’re pretty good with creating acronyms. I got a good story and more information about Mars and fun vocabulary. FABULOUS!


  9. Really cute! I was wondering why SANTA was capitalized — silly me — didn’t see the twist coming! Well done 🙂


  10. Wow, Miss I-Wasn’t-Going-To-Enter! What a fantastic and wonderfully original story! You did a great job of depicting Marco’s world! Who’d have thought of a sci-fi twist on Christmas besides you 🙂 I’m glad you found the time to write – great job! 🙂


  11. Susanna, you are a bottomless well of compliments! This is what makes you an awesome teacher. 🙂 Many people can think of SF twists on Christmas (Connie Willis is a master at it), but I may be your only student who does. LOL!


  12. You’ve definitely brought us up-to-date and beyond with this entry, Teresa! Wow…what a fun story…it reminded me of the Jetsons…that space age cartoon family. I loved the SANTA…so so clever. Great job!


  13. Woohoo! I love it and you made me think I’m so earth-centric. I forgot about Santa’s intergalactic deliveries. Glad you found the time to enter and share your story. (I was/am in the same boat about time. I feel so guilty when I can’t make it through the list.)


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