Chicken congee

Oh my goodness, I’ve been so busy, I’ve completely neglected this blog (since it’s my secondary blog).


6 thoughts on “Chicken congee

  1. It is really quiet Teresa don’t worry. I’m struggling to find everyone. I miss being in 12×12 they were all right there.


  2. I’ve not been to the 12×12 FB page much either (and I never go to the forum because I can’t the time to go to any more sites than FB). I only keep up my once a week regular blog postings. If I could only need less sleep. :}


  3. This looks mighty yummy. MMMM. Recipe??? Jumping into yours and Catherine’s conversation here. I’m not doing 12 x 12 in 2015. Too expensive for networking. I can do that for free. But you guys won’t be rid of me. I’ll be bugging you in the other groups. xoxoxo


  4. Robyn, it’s very simple. You just take chicken broth (we usually use the chicken carcass left over after we carve off the meat for other meals) and boil it. Take out the carcass and debone it, saving the bits of meat for the congee. Then add a cup or so of rice to the broth and cook on med-low until the rice is at a consistency you like (usually we cook it until the rice looks like popped popcorn). Add the chicken meat back in at the last minute. It’s really like chicken-rice soup, but the rice is mushier in a congee. We often top it with soy sauce, cilantro, and white pepper (those are traditional toppings, along with green onions, but we have cilantro and no green onions in the greenhouse). πŸ™‚

    We will miss you at 12×12, Robyn, but I agree it is pricey. Perhaps you can win one of the scholarships? I will join at the Bronze level only. And now that we’re friends on FB, we won’t be strangers, will we, dear? πŸ˜‰ ❀


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