Homegrown kale and potatoes

With smoked salmon!


7 thoughts on “Homegrown kale and potatoes

  1. That looks soooooooo scrumptious, and it’s so healthy! Did you grow the potatoes, too? Homegrown kale’s got to be one of the best things we can eat.

    I love your new profile pic, too, and I’m amazed that you took it yourself! Looks like a professional photo! Go Teresa, go!


  2. Robyn and Lynn, it was very scrumptious!! Yes, we grew the potatoes too. Kale is so tasty and so good for you!

    Lynn, thank you! Thank goodness for photo editing programs and apps for smoothing out my face…LOL!


  3. Hubby usually braises the kale. I’m not fond of smoothies even if they’re full of strawberries and ice cream; I’d never have a kale smoothie willingly. :} It was a most delicious meal.


  4. Kale is a pretty popular veggie these days, Catherine. You might try making kale chips; the kids would like that. 🙂 Just roast cut-up pieces in the oven with olive oil and seasoning salt.


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