Giant eggs from our girls

That green one is nearly 3 inches long!!


6 thoughts on “Giant eggs from our girls

  1. We raised all kinds of fowl when the boys were young. Turkeys, quail, pheasants, ducks etc. You name it we had it. Then my son became small animal supervisor at Temple Farm in Lucketts and we got a bunch more that we incubated by ourselves. So much fun!!

    I Miss them. And the chicken coop that we had demolished because it was dangerous and a ground hog lived in it after the fowl left. We were afraid of rats occupying it. So sad we don’t have it anymore. Changes Changes Changes!


  2. We get our eggs from a farm out in the country and every so often there’s an egg or two that just won’t fit in the carton properly cuz it’s so darned big! And it makes me wonder, how did the chicken feel after pushing that thing out?


  3. Clar, what fun you had all those fowl! We’ve only had chickens and geese (though we had to get rid of the geese because they kept wandering away). I’d like some ducks but we need a good source of fresh water first. I know I’d miss our chickens if we got rid of them. :}


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