I’m keeping the 365-Day blog but have changed the theme. Please click on the “About the project” tab to see a brief description of this new direction. 🙂

Doing the Doodle Day challenge on Facebook made me happy in December.

I am actually sad because we took the tree down today but looking at this sketch makes me happy since it reminds me of how my bird art improved with the daily sketches.


3 thoughts on “Sketching

  1. Those birds are adorable!!! I’m grateful to have a day off today, and having not been woken up last night by the neighbour’s son. Not his fault really, he’s severely autistic so I’m sure he’s not aware that whatever the heck he’s doing is making the entire wall shake.


  2. Monica, a day off is always nice! 🙂 Our neighbor’s dog wakes me up sometimes.

    Catherine, glad you like the bird art! I missed you on Doodle Day. It’s always sad to take the Christmas tree down.


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