Breakfast for dinner again!

7 thoughts on “Breakfast for dinner again!

  1. Bacon! No… definitely not heart attack on a plate. The eggs contain something green and healthy looking! The tomatoes are fresh and delicious looking and the bacon looks oompah loompah-portion sized! lol


  2. The saying is people who live in glass houses should throw stones but you two are proof that people in glasses are obsessed with throwing stones! 🙂 I’m not even going to bother with pointing out that I eat 2-3 times what each of you do daily.


  3. You’re lucky your nose doesn’t grow when you lie. If Mom were still alive, she’d corroborate my story. After all, I’m the one she says has a worm in the stomach, not you. Even hubby tells everyone I eat more than he does. Of course, now that my worm has retired, I should probably eat less.


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