Spinach ravioli with fried squash and fresh tomatoes

Odd errors courtesy of Auto-correct


13 thoughts on “Spinach ravioli with fried squash and fresh tomatoes

  1. That is a gorgeous photo! Awesome about you having tomato sauce all winter. Lucky you!!! How were the tomatoes processed? Could you use them in tomato soup too? I love homemade tomato soup.


  2. Thanks, Grace! The tomatoes were strained in the Victorio strainer and the sauce cooked down to a thick-ish consistency and then we can them in jars using a steam canner. And yes, you’d be able to make soup with it. It’s pretty much exactly like cream of tomato soup without the cream. πŸ™‚


  3. Hmmm… don’t recall…I had to look it up. Aush Goshti? Hmm… well… the ingredients all look like something I’d like, well… except for the lemon juice part. But I do love cream of tomato soup! lol… must be the cream. I just bought local butternut squash for 50 cents a pound and plan on making soup! Does S have a good recipe? I feel so bad for not liking S’s soup. Tell him sorry! That it was definitely NOT his cooking.


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