Apple pie!

We didn’t have it for dinner but since I forgot to take a pic of dinner (leftovers anyway), I thought I would post what we had for breakfast. The apples are from our trees; we arm-wrestled them away from the deer and squirrel.

14 thoughts on “Apple pie!

  1. Monica, how was it that I had to approve your first message?? Pies are perfect for any meal (and snacking in between). I forget the variety; you’ll have to ask hubby. The squirrels were not as feisty as the deer.


  2. I was posting from my phone and it didn’t give me the option to sign in with my FB account.

    Oooh, handheld pies, those are wonderful and portable. S’okay, it’s not like I plan to grow apples anytime soon. The squirrels are smaller and easier to push out of the way.


  3. Between the phone, tablet and laptop, I don’t know what works with what anymore.

    I should make more pies. I did make a couple of fish pies this past weekend.

    Hahaha, jackalopes, now that’s a blast from the past.


  4. You guys are so random. I love it! I still love the apple bavarian torte thingy you gave me the recipe for. That’s a more complete meal as it has a calcium source in the cream cheese…


  5. Grace, that torte was very good, wasn’t it? I’ll have to make that if we get more apples.

    Monica, yeah fish pie sounds so weird, it has to be Russian. 😉 I’m sure you’ve had that torte before.


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