Grilled drumsticks with…

…mac and cheese and fried green tomatoes.


4 thoughts on “Grilled drumsticks with…

  1. Yum! What seasonings did hubby use on the drumsticks?

    Grace, you’re amazing. I’d kill someone by now if I only had liquids all day (says she who almost finished off a quarter pan of Rice Krispie squares).


  2. I even went out to eat! I ordered chicken noodle soup and left the solids in the bowl. First time I wished for more broth and less chunks in my cns!


  3. Grace, are you preparing for a colonoscopy? If not, why are you doing that to yourself?

    Monica, rice crisp treats are mostly air and air had no calories. 😉 He used vinegar, oil, cumin, creole, and garlic.


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