Hot dogs and green beans

There’s no artistic way to plate it.


10 thoughts on “Hot dogs and green beans

  1. Monica, sorry, didn’t get the octopus reference.

    Grace, Rudi’s is not a GF company. We bought WW buns. Also B recently read that those who don’t actually have gluten intolerance may do more harm than good to their system by eating GF stuff.


  2. Ah I was looking at the Rudi’s gluten free products. Interesting about gluten free stuff. We have whole sections of gluten free products in our store. Did you see the 75 cent coupon for Rudi’s products online?
    Ah Mon… yes the hot dog octupus. I can just see T doing this for her kids. pah!


  3. Grace, didn’t see the Rudi coupon because I haven’t bought bread in close to 10 years. It was extenuating circumstances. In fact, I’m going to make rolls and freeze them this weekend so we don’t have to buy them again.

    You’re the one with the patience and creativity to make hot dog octopuses.

    Monica, my kids already give me those looks. πŸ˜›


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