Andouille eggplant pasta

9 thoughts on “Andouille eggplant pasta

  1. Ooh yum! I love andouille sausage. The eggplant is different! The kids had me buy eggplant to put into our Japanese curry. It was okay. Mon I had to look up baba ganoush. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before. It seems hummus-ish. Does it taste similar to hummus?


  2. Monica, baba ganoush always seems s blah after the hummus hubby makes. We put eggplants in lots of diff things or marinated in oil and vinegar and them grilled. That is excellent!

    Grace, you don’t like eggplants?

    Catherine, 🙂


  3. Let’s see… battered and fried I like. Eggplant just seems kinda tasteless to me. I guess marinated and grilled might make it tasty. I think anything your hubby does to a food item can make it tasty!


  4. My baba ganoush was great cuz I added in a roasted tomato and roasted Russian garlic.

    Grace, that’s the beauty of eggplant, like tofu, it absorbs the flavours of whatever you add to it and it makes it a lovely food. Plus I’m sure it’s really good for you too!


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